Upgrade Your Online Presence:

Brad Lauer
Owner of 5611 Marketing Studios
Brad Lauer: Photographer, Web Designer & Online Marketing Expert (Headshot by Jamie Leonard)
► Photographer, Web Designer & Online Marketing Expert
► Earned BS in photography from The Art Inst. of Pittsburgh in 2008
► FAA Licensed Drone Operator
► Over 15 years of experience as a Pro Photographer
► Self-taught web designer with 20+ years of experience

We would love to help you take business' online presence from lackluster to spectacular.

A Visual Approach

We are photographers and designers who have broadened our capabilities to include video production, web design and online marketing.  In everything we do, we start with a vision of the final product and work backwards to meet that goal.  We work with many different types of clients, some who are in the visual arts industry and those who are not; either way, we will work with you to meet and exceed your goals.

Margaret Fox
Web Developer & Social Media Marketing Pro
► Web Developer & Designer
► Social Media Marketing Expert
► Technology Consultant